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Podcast: The Ardea Alternative – Green Bonds

In this episode of The Ardea Alternative podcast, Alex Stanley is joined by Tamar Hamlyn and guest speaker Haran Siva, a Senior Advisor with the Climate Bonds Initiative. In recent years there has been significant growth in ESG related investments, this episode will focus on one specific example: green bonds.

Designing Default Retirement Plans

Academics, practitioners, consultants and fund managers have come together to develop a new framework for designing default retirement plans.

Podcast: Uncertainty in Retirement Modelling

Dr. Geoff Warren, Associate Professor at the ANU joins Dr. Laura Ryan to discuss his recent work in retirement modelling. In this episode, Dr. Warren shares how important modelling choices are when assessing the adequacy of the super guarantee (SG). Dr Warren also discusses imputation/franking credits and structuring CIPRs (Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement).